We are so very excited for our new line of AIR PLANTS!  Air plants are a tropical, grass like plant that does not need to be planted in soil.  Instead, its finger like leaves to obtain waterborne and airborne nutrients.  What does this mean to you?!  No mess of dirt in your house and they are very versatile!

Air plants do best in a spot of the house where they will receive bright, indirect sunlight.  You can also enjoy them in your windowless cubicle under fluorescent lighting!  They don’t much care for being in hot sun all day long as it will suck all of the moisture out of the plant.

To care for them, you simply soak them in room temperature water for about 20 minutes once or twice a week.  Every 2 to 3 weeks, give them a long 2 hours soak & let them air hour in a spot with good circulation for about 4 hours.  If they are in a warmer spot of your house, give them a mist of water in between soaks.Toledo air plants at Whiteford Greenhouse

Toledo air plants at Whiteford Greenhouse
You can display your air plants in a rock terrarium.


Toledo air plants at Whiteford Greenhouse

In a hanging globe or vessel.

Toledo air plants at Whiteford Greenhouse

Be creative!  They can simply add a pop of green on a bookshelf!  Anything goes with air plants!