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09 Dec 2016

NBC Life’s Better Here Holiday 2016

Working with NBC 24’s Allison Peters and camera crew Jose Degollado was incredible! Allison made us feel like a real television stars!

Allison contacted Whiteford Greenhouse just before Thanksgiving asking if we would like to be featured on Channel WNWO 24 “Life is Better Here” segment featuring our Handmade wreaths, custom decorating, along with our many other holiday products. The segment aired December 9, 2016. We talked about how we are eighth generation family business and how we provide the Toledo & Sylvania area with the highest quality patio pots & beautiful landscape all year round.

We instructed Allison on how to assemble & decorate a handmade live wreath. Whiteford Greenhouse’s Grower & Designer, Jacob Urrutia, demonstrated pro-decorating tips and tricks to decorate our freshly made boxwood wreath.  With our demo, Allison made a beautiful handmade custom wreath to enjoy all season long!

During our interview Allison was so sweet to check Cypress’ hair and makeup, even gave us some pro tips that we can use for our video tutorials!  Jose was more then patient with our many video takes as I stumbled over my words to get to the path of “tv”perfection. They were both so professional, and made us feel so comfortable being in the spotlight! It was an amazing experience and we hope to have another visit by the NBC Life is Better Here crew in the spring!

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our business and the family behind Whiteford Greenhouse… Buy your plants where they’re grown!

10 Sep 2016

Hardy Mums, Aster, Montauk Daisies, Oh My!



Kids are back at school, leaves are starting to change, Pumpkin Spice everything is EVERYWHERE, this must mean fall is near. Hardy Mums, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Aster, and late blooming Montauk Daisies are the perfect accents to your fall and spooky decorations.




Hardy Mums


Whiteford Greenhouse offers 43 varieties of daisy and decorative flowering hardy Mums. They bloom in just about every color of the rainbow; bronze, yellow, coral, white, orange, red, purple, lavender & pink. We grow many different forced and natural timed blooming groups of Mums, blooming during weeks 37-42. Timing the bloom time of fresh new plants ensures beautiful fall color for 4-6 plus weeks during September 11 through Mid to late October in to early November.







mum-7Tips for Mum SUCESS!

  • Plant your new mums ASAP (the more time in the ground the better)
  • Choose a FULL sun location (6 hours or more)
  • When planting; loosen soil around the roots and in ground (This will help your Fall-planted Mum establish roots before winter arrives)
  • After blooming (usually late November) cut back your mums 3-4 inches from the base of the plant, and cover loosely with mulch or leaves.
  • In spring after last frost remove mulch/leaves and water, allowing for regrowth and blooms to develop.
  • Cut back through out spring and early summer to ensure fall blooming (last cut back for fall blooms keep at, 6″ high on the 4th of July.)






Ornamental Cabbage & Kale

Electric purple and snow white veined through frosty shades of blue green, offer eye-popping fall and winter color. Cabbage and Kale is the best option to fill your patio pots and window boxes during the cooler fall months. Thriving in near freezing temperatures the cooler it gets outside, the more vibrant the purple and white centers and veins of the cabbage and kale will become. The gorgeous colors will last you until you are ready to fill your pots with fresh boughs and branches for your winter holiday decor. 








 Hardy Aster

A perfect accent hardy plant to tie in to your fall decorations. Complements nicely with Hardy mums and Cabbage and Kale. Long fall blooming purple and periwinkle daisy like blooms.


Montauk Daisy

Or Nippon Daisy ‘Nipponanthemum nipponicum’  Latest blooming shasta type daisy. Low maintenance, full sun, butterfly attracting perennial. This cheerful fall bloomer also is noted to be rabbit-proof and deer-resisant. Making it to be very valuable deterrent in any fall garden and porch display.


Aster & Cabbage


20 May 2016

Plants that are looking oh so fine!

At Whiteford Greenhouse our motto is: Buy Your Plants Where They’re Grown!  While we have just reached the point in NW Ohio where it is safe to plant outdoors, we have been busy growing since the winter!  Watching our plants go from seedlings to outstanding huge flowers has been very rewarding.

Here are the top 3 annuals that we are very proud of and know YOU will LOVE!

Toledo best quality Geraniums Toledo best quality Tuberous Beongia Toledo best quality New Guinea Impatiens

We are open daily from 8am to 9pm, pop in and grab your favorite or all 3!

30 Apr 2016
toledo air plants

air plants

We are so very excited for our new line of AIR PLANTS!  Air plants are a tropical, grass like plant that does not need to be planted in soil.  Instead, its finger like leaves to obtain waterborne and airborne nutrients.  What does this mean to you?!  No mess of dirt in your house and they are very versatile!

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20 Apr 2016

hellebore aka the lenten rose

Hellebore, also known as, Lenten Rose is one of our earliest bloomers!  The nickname Lenten Rose comes from their early bloom time, right around lent!  They are cold hardy & ideally thrive in full shade to part sun…. they don’t much care for afternoon sun.  We love them because their color changes with the season!  So not only do you get to enjoy them early on in the year, they feel like a new flower as their colors gradually change!

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09 Dec 2015

Greens Centerpiece Workshop // 2015

Our greens centerpiece workshop was such a hit with our amazing customers!  We had a great gathering of friends who enjoyed designing and assembling custom greens centerpieces for their holiday decor.  They each chose their containers, greens and embellishments.  They graced many tables over the holiday season, as well as, making terrific hostess and teachers gifts!  Thank you all who joined us in celebrating the season!

Christmas Baskets Greens Toledo Whiteford Greenhouse-1
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